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I haven't posted in months, I know. I'm bad about posting.

And uni is a slow, but fasinating death, I swear. The train ride gives me at least one, and up to three solid hours of writing time, which is good. Storm's Honour edits are happening slowly, but surely. Which is also a slow, exhusting process that I swear drains the life out of me.

I've done a tiny bit of writing on Water's Fate, but not a huge amount. No real energy to spare at the moment, not until I readjust to university life.

I also locked myself out of my flat today. I haven't done that in three years, so take it as proof of my being utterly braindead.

Short post, not much in it I know. But see above comment on braindead-ness. Nothing left to spare, even for a blog post.
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I was trying to get to 10,000 words tonight before I handed this over to Andrea, but frankly I'm getting tired of beating my head against writer's block. Time to let my sister's fresh eyes take a look and come up with something.

That's one of the joys of co-authoring, I swear. Unlike Storm's Honour, where I was on my own when I hit a block, I can throw Water's Fate in sis' lap without any guilt at all. This appeals greatly to my natural sense of laziness.

Besides, unlike me, sis doesn't seem to require that inconvenient thing called sleep.

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Well, progress is being made, though Acqua isn't thrilled with some of my character tweaking. *pats her* Sorry, but it needed to be done. You'll get over it eventually, I'm sure.


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