Mar. 9th, 2010

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Wow, just look at that. Less then 700 words until I meet my goal and probably only another 4000 words (most of which is pre-written) until Storm's Honour is a completed first draft. As you can probably guess from my choice of potato picture, I'm feeling a little shell shocked by this.

I have been looking forward to saving SH as a complete novel for ages, but now we're getting so close to that point? I'll admit it, I'm actually kinda scared.

Which is actually kinda fitting. I started SH after my old and long dead laptop decided to commit suicide and eat Theif's Choice and my USB stick ate my backup, four days before I was due to submit the first 5000 words as a class assignment. So, still griving the loss too much to re-write TC just then, I needed 5000 words of something else. And there was Amaro, with his back story begging to be turned into a novel in it's own right.

So, yeah. It's fitting that SH is going to end with me thinking, "Shit, piss, fuck, what am I going to do?" After all, that's how it started, two years, nine months ago. It's been one hell of a journey, guys.

And the roller coaster isn't quite over yet. So give me a safety rail to hold onto by leaving a comment for me? I'm going to need your support for this last hill.


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