Jan. 31st, 2010

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Prompt 4 – Insides

Bas skipped down the last few steps into the guild, smiling brightly as several people called out a welcome to her. She loved the thieves guild. Loved the people and loved the place. Most of all she loved being a part of the guild.

Soon she'd old enough to start learning the art of picking pockets. Bas couldn't wait, but until she turned ten she was just as happy to run around with the other guild children. They had a freedom that she'd noticed other children didn't have, and they got to help keep the most important secret in all of Naruta. They were special. And she was one of them.

Behind her she heard another set of footsteps and stepped aside to wait for her twin to run down after her. Grinning she took Pas' hand and the twins ran into the nursery. Instantly they were swarmed by the other guild children who were already there, all eager to talk to them. Bas loved it, loved being the center of attention. Here she was the center of attention, the queen of her own little world. Here she wasn't just the little orphan girl, she wasn't a noble child or a poor one. She was just Bas Sanderson, one of the guild. And one day she would be an even greater thief then either of her mothers. But for now, she was happy to just belong.

“Pas and me saw the baker's got some berry pies in the window,” she announced, grinning at the cheers of the group. “Who wants to go get them?”

As she ran out of the guild with her brother and half a dozen other guild children, Bas ignored the grins and amused looks of the guild adults. Telling the adults that none of them were babies and they were on a serious mission could wait. There were more important things to deal with. Like stealing berry pies and making sure she and Pas got the biggest pieces.


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